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Theology of Small Groups (Core values)

· Connect with Christ and develop spiritual relationships with our Christian brothers and sisters. Meeting together to develop fellowship and spurring one another on toward love and good deeds (Hebrews 10:24-25). Encouraging each other and spiritually growing as one body in Christ.

· Change is required. For salvation we must change our mind (repent) and agree that God’s way is better than our way. For Spiritual maturity we allow the Holy Spirit to change us (Romans 12:2).

· Cultivate an attitude/desire to serve God, according to His will. Intentionally reaching out to those that don’t know Him (Hebrews 13:21).

Vision for Small Groups

· To develop small groups to study biblical application in a relational setting that offers accountability and connectivity.

· To have a means of measuring and identifying the spiritual growth of Koinonia members.

· To develop and maintain a group of well-trained facilitators who intentionally help create and maintain a relational environment for discipleship to occur.

Small Groups Structure

· Members are organized into small groups where they study Christian fundamentals to a healthy spiritual life and enjoy Christian fellowship.

· Groups will meet at facilitators’ homes across the metroplex as well as on campus for the selected groups. Groups will meet from January to June and August through December. July will be summer break and new member recruitment month period.

· Groups will study an approved small groups book focusing on practical life application.

KCC Small Groups Covenant

KCC small groups will provide relational group/community experience that includes intentional biblical application and fellowship.  We will meet together for the purpose of connecting, changing and cultivating together.

Our Group Values or Ground Rules

Attendance: We will make the group meeting a priority by being in attendance at all meetings and arriving on time. If we cannot be in attendance or will run late we will contact our group facilitator in advance of the meeting.

Participation: Our group will value the full participation of every group member. This means that we will come prepared to each meeting by studying the lesson prior to our time together. This also means that we will listen attentively to each group member without interrupting them or carrying on separate conversations.

Confidentiality: For authentic community to form, we must be able to trust each other in the group. This means that issues discussed within the group will not be shared outside of the group.

Connectivity: Our group will value the building of relationships among group members. This means that we will commit to pray for the other group members on a weekly basis, follow-up on needs that are shared within the group, and seek to hold one another accountable to grow in our walk of discipleship.

The following groups are offered:

· Men’s groups
· Women’s groups
· Couples’ group
· Singles’ groups
· Mixed groups (can be a combination of all groups).

We have groups that meet during the week as well as weekends.  You can find the general list of groups and pertinent information below.  Find the group you’re interested in and fill out the form.  We’ll connect with you soon.

Group Roster & Meetings

Select a Group Below
Brenda Barnett    3rd Sunday 3-5pm Duncanville

Darryl Hughley

 2nd Saturday 5-7pm

Cynthia Rodolph

3rd Saturday 6-8pm

James/Mary Ford

 3rd Sunday 4-6pm Arlington
Deborah Colston, Jr
 4th Sunday 3-5pm Mansfield

Roshale Thompson

 4th Saturday 1-3pm Arlington
Erica Thomas  3rd Saturday 4-6pm Ft.Worth

Linda Flowers

 4th Tuesday 7-8:30pm Grand Prairie

Katrell Gordon

 4th Saturday 4-6pm Arlington

Ladetra Bentley

 Last Sunday 4-6pm Dallas
Charlie Martin  2nd Friday 7-8:30pm Arlington
Chris Gibson 3rd Wednesday 7-8:30pm Arlington

If you’re interested in being in a Small Group in your area, please fill out the application below.

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