The purpose of Koinonia Worship is to share the gospel of Jesus Christ through song, encourage believers and lead our congregation in worship while preparing hearts for the word.

Worship Ministries

– The Fellowship Choir

– Praise Teams (Blue & Gold Team)


The three C’s of Koinonia Worship

CHRIST is at the center of what we do. We are spiritual lead and make sure Christ is

We have a sincere concern for everyone who is active in the ministry.  What concerns you concerns us.  Please keep us up to date on health issues, death in family, anniversaries and birthdays.  We are here for what ever concerns you may have. Our goal is to live life together and gain strength from one another.

Anything not growing is DEAD.  Our desire is that everyone is challenged both musically and spiritually.  Growth in these areas is very important to us here at KCC.  Many times music is the vehicle God uses to take us to the PURPOSE he has for our life in the end.  We want everyone headed in that direction.

Rehearsal & Ministry Schedule

We do all rehearsals on Wednesdays to keep everyone from having to be at the church multiple days of the week. We value your time and want a balance between family and serving.  The K-Worship Band practices 6pm-7pm and all vocal rehearsals are 7pm-9pm weekly.  The (Blue or Gold) Team or Fellowship CHOIR assigned for the upcoming Sunday rehearses the prior week.


Saved with a personal relationship with Christ
Heart of Worship
Active Membership

For More Information Contact:
Tim Clifton, Worship Pastor